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Nanotech Engineering Inc. is a Delaware Corporation, with locations in Irvine, CA, and Aurora, CO.

True Nanotechnology at work to solve the Solar problem.

Nanotech Engineering is the only manufacturer on the planet that uses the benefits of Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes to create the most efficient full-scale Solar panel the world has ever seen.


By employing a Nanotube “Forest” with a mineral solution over a Graphene substructure, we have a thin, lightweight panel that is about three times more efficient than the best Silicon based panel and about a third of the cost to produce and bring to market.

In addition, we have Graphene based Photovoltaic's that can be used to power everything from smart phones to personal computers, to airliners and satellites.


The market for energy for small electronics is enormous, and we believe our snap in cells may make power cords a thing of the past, save money, and make bringing power to products hassle free.

Nanotech Engineering’s Vision...

To solve the Solar “problem” by releasing to the marketplace Solar Panels that are so efficient they can make Solar the norm instead of the exception.


By producing highly efficient panels that are affordable, and even function in cloudy weather, we can see Solar in parts of the world that would otherwise never think of using solar, and ultimately using clean energy worldwide. With the addition of our other photovoltaics, we can see a solar world, one where mankind finally uses the free energy from the sun.

Nanotech Engineering’s Mission

To make Solar the dominant energy used in household, solar plant and commercial use.


At present most households, businesses and other applications needing energy are tied to the power grid.


We believe we’ll see a time, in the near future, where all homes, from warm parts of the world to colder parts all have our Solar Panels on their homes, after all if our panel can still yield 20-30% in New York State, or Denmark, it’s still better that of traditional panels in great weather.


The simple installation, the total cost about a third that of traditional systems, we are convinced that most homes, electronics and other applications will be using solar.

Last year 38.2 billion tons of Carbon Dioxide were put into the Atmosphere.


Our Panels are much more than a new solar panel, they are a new way of generating energy.


We have a virtually non-existent Carbon footprint in manufacturing.


Most don't realize that traditional solar panel manufacturing are a terrible burden on the environment, smoke billowing into the sky, arsenic into rivers, most Silicon based panels are made in China or India, we believe everyone should see the process involved in making a traditional Silicon panel, we believe any benefits of using solar are offset by the environmental impact from the manufacturing of them!


Remember, aside from Reactor Grade Uranium, there is no better conductor of electrons than Graphene.

Is your Company public or private?

At present, we are a private company, with plans for another round of funding in an initial public offering (IPO).

While we are starting out with home applications, there is a demand for our Graphene based cells for use in everything from cell phones to Satellites.


Energy is a precious commodity, yet one day of the Sun gives the planet all the energy it needs for 26 years. Until now we have had to depend on coal, oil and other expensive and unpredictable commodities.


By having a panel so light and small, and so efficient, the applications are endless, as a leading Professor at one of America's foremost Universities stated “For applications where weight is a crucial factor — such as in spacecraft, aviation or for use in remote areas of the developing world where transportation costs are significant — such lightweight cells (Graphene) could already have great potential”

What is the exact cost of the panels?

While we can tell you that the cost of manufacturing and presenting a complete panel ready to be installed is about one third that of traditional panels, we cannot tell you the exact price that you will pay.


Remember we are manufacturers, not distributors nor do we sell directly to the public.


Moreover we cannot make distributors sell at a specific price point. That being said, since everyone knows they are much lower, and since sellers must compete, we can state that we are quite sure the end price of a full system will be much lower that of traditional systems.

Does your panel have Patent Protections?

To date, we have filed many applications to protect every aspect of our invention and the processes that we use, from Graphene in use for solar applications, to Graphene with Carbon Nanotube Forest in a Photovoltaic, our manufacturing process, in short everything we need to protect.


We have, like other companies at this stage Provisional Patents, this protects our inventions, it's "First Strike", if anyone tried to make what we have registered with the government they would have to ceast and desist.


Once were ready to release the panels to the public, then and only then will we file for a full patent as the "Clock" will start ticking. We believe this is a multi-billion-dollar product, we believe it will change the world, so we are extremely protective of it, and keeping our product safe from copy cats that wish to profit from our expertise.