With the rising price of electricity, consumers and businesses are looking more to rooftop solar as a way to lower their bills. However, the current models are cost prohibitive and can even damage the roof. Consumers do not want to install a system that is inefficient and adds weight to a roof. The traditional solar panels have not changed really in decades aside from small adjustments. While the system does put out electricity, the electricity is not consistent and the savings to the consumer can take decades to recoup, if ever. Most homeowners sell before they can see tangible savings from traditional solar. Solar is not the best choice for large homes and commercial rooftops. Metal racked, glass and silicon panels need proper and expensive installation, and creates a heavy weight load on the roof. The result is shorter roof lifetime and increased service calls.

Providing lightweight and high tensile strength panels are the answer. Our panels will add not enough weight to affect roof performance or reliability. We require no costly installations to ensure the panels stay on the roof, no offset weights, ballast or cutting into the roof. Our panels are simply added to the roof which can even protect the covered area. Also, because our panels are highly efficient, a much smaller coverage area is required to gain full performance of our panels and provide electricity to the home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fully workable solutions not dependent on the power grid are expected to be the fastest growing sector of the solar market. At less than two hundred pounds per average home installation and with our high upper range energy production, our state of the art process will allow our panels to reach rooftops across the globe.

Photovoltaic Cells Unlimited

Through the benefits of Nanotechnology, specifically Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, relatively new "wonder materials", we are able to make photovoltaics that are smaller, stronger, lighter, and much, much more powerful. While studies worldwide prove the efficacy of Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes in a photovoltaic, only Nanotech Engineering has engineered photovoltaics commercially. IBM and Intel are working with Graphene to replace semiconductors in our computers and smart phones, Head sports has Graphene for their sporting goods, we alone have commercially available photovoltaics.


We, and scientists globally are convinced Graphene is the future in almost all industries, it's the building blocks of diamond, is extremely conductive, has a long half life, and has seemingly no limit to the applications for photovoltaics. We can produce cells that power everything from cell phones to laptops, and scale up to very large applications. We anticipate in the future having cells to power products we use in our everyday life, we can see a time where cords and chargers are a thing of the past. Graphene photovoltaics are so efficient, it's simply a matter of calculating the energy tolerances of a given product, for example a cell phone, once we had the tolerances we just make a panel large enough so on the low end energy will be provided and on the high end not be too much. A huge benefit is the ability to generate energy not only from the Sun but also from light bulbs.


Committed to efficiency, performance and safety

Nanotech Engineering Inc is dedicated to producing viable solutions to the Solar Market and bring value to our end users and safeguarding our successes in the global marketplace. Hence, we work closely with the solar power industry’s recognized certification bodies, EPA-accredited testing labs and technical advisers to conduct overall reliability and field performance tests.

These programs test the safety, quality, durability and performance of Nanotech Engineering Inc Photovoltaics through technology performance studies, long term reliability tests in combination with electrical conversion, and in field operating environments.