Intellectual Property


Considering that our technology is light years ahead of anything currently in research in the Photovoltaic industry, the protection of our methods, materials and all that go into the Nanopanel™ is of paramount importance even though we have patent protections in place.


Since our technology makes obsolete the silicon based solar market, a market estimated at three quarters a trillion dollars annually, security is of the utmost importance.


We have brought on a former FBI Agent who specialized in counterintelligence and now has a private practice in corporate espionage.


He has brought security features to Nanotech Engineering that ensure that no one can gain access to our proprietary information.


Some of these precautions are dimmed windows so no outsiders can see our computers through our windows, card control access to our facilities, high tech security systems, background checks of all personnel, and no panels, cells or any proprietary information on the premises, so that if someone did break in or place a plant they would not be able to figure out our methods.