Market for Solar

The Solar Market grows annually (See Chart Below), the market for Nano Solar Panels is enormous, with the old, cost prohibitive Solar Panels still available and installed, the market still increased despite being cost prohibitive.











The US Government noticed this, so they gave tax credits to offset losses. When our  panels are ready for market, we will have this entire market to ourselves.


Remember only we have these proprietary panels so no one can copy our design and market them. Our only issue will be keeping up with the demand, a great place to be.

With the new Nano Panels coming online, we will be replacing the old panels (Think of the new Cable Dish’s replacing the old, large cement Dish’s).


Whether it’s homes, clearly consumers want a cheaper option that is more efficient and provides energy 24/7, and makes them a profit instead of losing money.


Municipalities and solar plants that presently use the old, giant inefficient panels will also be replaced by our new panels.

In short, we have used Nanotechnology to create highly efficient Solar Panels, panels that beat the older generation panels in every way.


Our profit margins are perfect, much lower to make and much lower to install. The energy market is enormous, and the applications for small, efficient panels that use the sun will be in high demand and replace the old clunky inefficient panels.

Our market is not the US only, but worldwide.


The Global Solar Energy is estimated to be USD 250 billion. 


These numbers do not include the new demand  that our Nano Panels will receive.


We anticipate these numbers growing exponentially as people find out that they can a get a positive return on investment with our panels.

The Solar Market "by the numbers"