Traditional   Solar versus the Nanopanel


Solar VS. Nanopanel


As of January 2017, the average cost of a full solar system in the U.S. is $3.26 per Watt. Our Nanopanel™ system cost of solar is approximately .35 cents per Watt.

The average traditional 5kw system is $16,400 national average. The average traditional Solar Panel System needs 20 panels at 250 watts (.25kw) for 5kwh (5000 watts) system.


Our system end price estimate $5000.00-$7,000.00 for a full system (Pricing varies between retailers)

Each Nanopanel™ puts out .720 kw (720 Watts), MPR (Maximum Power Rating). To give a comparison we recommend a 10-panel array, as in ideal situations it can put out 7.2 kw (7,200 Watts)

To compare traditional Solar Panel versus the Nanopanel™, the traditional solar panel systems average cost is $16,400.00, yields maximum 5kwh (5000 Watts).


Our system is about $5000.00-$7,000.00, only requires 10 panels, yet yields 7,200 Watts. The traditional system is $3.26 a Watt; the Nanopanel™ is .35-.55 cents a Watt.

The numbers will vary as applications will vary, a large commercial application will require more panels than an average size home.


Likewise, a larger home may need a few more panels, these numbers are given only as a point of reference and comparison to traditional solar systems.

We have the advantage of making larger panels, or smaller for that matter, these numbers are for our standard panel, and are used to only to illustrate the difference between traditional panels and the Nanopanel™.